Yes, just like the flower. And no, my parents weren't really hippies – but I kinda wish they were!

I speak with images, I think in images, feel in images and I guess you could say I even eat images as they feed my soul!

This is how my life path has pushed me into both fields of Photography and Graphic Design. I hold a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Graphic Design), and have been working professionally in the design and photography industry for over 10 years.

Although I do hail from the jaw-droppingly beautiful New Zealand, my home base of over 5 years is northern NSW (Tweed Shire) of Australia, servicing the Sunshine Coast  - Brisbane - Gold Coast - Byron Bay areas. I frequently work with clients in Tasmania, NZ, Canada and even as far away as Nicaragua. So no, distance is not an issue.
I am mindful with my approach to creativity, staying closely connected to my greatest inspiration – our Earth.

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